Leave No Trace… on your work laptop.

Almost every young professional has a laptop computer provided to them by their employer.  The laptop is meant  to be used for work tasks, but often employers will allow some light personal use as well.  This is both great, and it sucks. It’s nice that you don’t have to buy a computer, but it puts you in sort of an interesting spot.  It seems like a waste to buy another computer just for personal use when your employer has provided you with a machine, but at the same time there are some situations where using your employer-provided computer for personal use is not ideal. Read On →

The existential nature of open source software

Question: Why do men and women donate thousands of hours to project they don’t get paid for and no one coerced them into doing? Answer: It satisfies an existential need for meaning open-source developers are adding to the canon of knowledge their thoughts that will power the achievements of future generations. I know, at least for me, the pull of open source software is just wanting to make a difference. I know that I could do a lot of things to make a difference by volunteering around where I live in a co-op or something like that but open-source software is something that will that will continue to give back long after I’m no longer able to put energy into it. Read On →

Please Pass the Pi

High Res Version “Please Pass the Pi” is something my kids say when they want to play with the Raspberry Pi. They think it is very funny so I made them a poster they could use as a background on the Pi if they want to. Check out the Raspberry Pi Foundation for more information.

Do not use with Raspberry Pi

This card is a Patriot 8 GB class 6. We experienced frequent file system corruption under Raspbian Wheezy after only a few reboots. Model Number: PS8GSDHC10-BC

Favorite Apps for Raspberry Pi

We’ve had the Radpberry Pi running for a few weeks now and after a few hiccups with SD card corruption I think we’ve stumbled on a stable configuration and I wanted to share a few of our favorite apps. TuxPaint This is a drawing program designed just for kids and it has lots of fun sound effects and that sort of thing. It runs really well on the Pi and my kids have been wearing it out. Read On →

My Last Class

GT College of Business Tonight is my very last class at the Georgia Tech Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business. I’m glad I went, but I’m also glad I’m done. It has been a lot of time spent away from my family, but they have been supportive the entire time. There is no way I could have done it without their support. I don’t know if anyone else out there is thinking about earning their MBA at Georgia Tech, but I have to say it’s one of the best values your money can buy. Read On →

Raspberry Pi #1 has Arrived

I can barely contain my excitement because the first Raspberry Pi has been delivered! I’m going to have to put the search for projects for my kiddos in high gear!

Thoughts on the Nexus 7 Android Tablet

I love it. The end. OK, that may not be the most unbiased way to start a review, but I really do love it. Google has really done a good job on the hardware for the Nexus 7. The plastic/leatherette backing feels great when you hold it, and it never feels like it is going to slide away. Google even paid attention to the packaging. In fact, it looks like they basically copied the iPad packaging, which is not a bad thing. Read On →

How to train your Android

My Nexus 7 arrived today! I’m going to get it opened up soon so I can give you some thoughts about my very first Android device of any kind.

Of (Apple) Mice and Men

I never liked Apple mice very much I desperately wanted to like Apple mice because I liked the other hardware they made so much, but I was raised on two and three button mice, and my first Apple mouse only had one button. They actually expected me to control+click to get context menus. What’s up with that? sucky apple mouse   For the last several years I have been partial to Logitech mice, specifically the kind that come with the nano receiver. Read On →