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Building Git From Source Yeah, I’m doing that now. I think I should get some extra Geek-Levels for that or something. Also, Ubuntu should include the contrib packages in the aptitude package. Some of them look really useful. Git on GitHub Also, I’ve been working like crazy for the past month on a major new software project (more details coming soon…). Let me just say if you create web or mobile apps and use the MVC architecture, you are going to want to see what we’ve created 😉 Read On →

LifeProof iPhone 5 Case Review

Would you do this to your phone? The LifeProof Frē Checkout an updated version of this case here LifeProof recently released their Frē case for the iPhone 5, so I picked one up to see what it was like. LifeProof may call the case the Frē, but at $80 it certainly isn’t free, so I had high expectations for my first LifeProof case. Upon unboxing, you will find the two halves of the case, a cleaning cloth, an earphone extension and a keeper for the earphone plug. Read On →

Facebook Down?

Facebook appears to be down at the moment. People all over the world are reporting the outage. More to come…

Star Trek > Star Wars

Star Trek > Star Wars Um duh…

I have not been using GitHub for my projects recently. I have switched to because I like there pricing model much better. On GitHub you need to pay per project, and on BitBucket you pay for the people who are using the service. I have more projects than I have programmers so right now the BitBucket pricing model works better for me! I’m also going to add this to my “Recommended” page for easy reference. Read On →

VMware Tools Update

I do a lot of my software development in a Linux virtual machine and my virtualization software of choice (at the moment) on my Mac is VMware Fusion. Each time the linux kernel is updated the VMware Tools need to be reconfigured. I thought I needed to reinstall them, but that turns out to be overkill. Instead just open a terminal in the directory where you keep if the VMware Tools installation files and do this: Read On →

Make it 10x better or don’t do it.

I just read this article on hacker news about how to be a good startup mentor. There was a nugget of advice in there that I think can work in many more places. In #2 @anreasklinger advises that if your advice won’t make what they are doing 10x better than keep your comments to yourself. The 10x principle was drummed into my head during B-school. If you can’t make your product/service 10x better, cheaper, faster then don’t bother because no one will care. Read On →

Gmail for iOS 2.0

Version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS is out today. Despite some hiccups trying to download the update, I got it on the second try. The influence of the Sparrow team is apparent in the update. Head over to the App Store to check it out for yourself, or read about it on the Gmail blog. Gmail Blog – Gmail for iOS v2.0

/etc/hosts from

Setting Up Mountain Lion @ TUAW I found #3 of this article quite helpful. I didn’t know there was This is the sort of thing that you really should be paying attention to, but since its not urgent (yet) it always gets pushed to tomorrow. Now I’m using this hosts file on all of my computers, especially the ones my family uses. Thanks Erica!

5 Legal Protections Your Start Up Needs Now

5 Legal Protections Your Start Up Needs Now This is a great read. To think, I had to go to B-School to learn this.