Python is growing on me

I have to admit that Python is growing on me, and despite my long history of using languages that have curly braces. At first I thought I would be disturbed by their absence but the enforced spacing has actually been liberating for me. You see, I always enforced specific spacing standards on my c++/Java/PHP code and even on java script if possible. One of my biggest pet peeves was reading sloppy code without enforced spacing standards. Read On →

Comcast: A New Way to Fail

After the epic ordeal described in earlier posts to get my Comcast HD cable working, I settled in to watch the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game today. Unfortunately Comcast has decided to no longer work. Just after the start of the second quarter the cable went out. Completely. All the channels are gone. I don’t even know what to say at this point. I’m just thankful that ESPN updated the WatchESPN app this week to support AirPlay fully. Read On →

Comcast: The Empire Strikes Back

I got my new Comcast HD receiver yesterday and got it set up this afternoon. It was actually the correct equipment and I was able to connect it easily. Unfortunately all was not well. While basic cable comes in fine without the box, I am unable to activate the new box. Comcast has what should be an easy self activation tool, and while it is reasonably easy to use, my box will not activate. Read On →

Shortage of Tech Workers The Hill reports that Microsoft, hilariously short of developers, is lobbying the government to let tech firms pay a ransom bribe fee to the federal government in exchange for letting Microsoft (and other tech firms) hire foreign workers here in the U.S.. This is an important issue because if our government continues to deport foreign students when they graduate, tech firms will be forced to build their software development offices overseas, where the workers are, where we sent them. Read On →


This is an FYI for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to sit in Starbucks, sending text messages by shouting at Siri on your new iPhone 5. The whole point of texting is that you are not talking. Please stop shouting and use your opposable thumbs!

iPhone 5

I picked up my new iPhone 5 this morning at my local Verizon store, complete with Otter Box protective case. You can’t tell, since it’s in the case, but I have the black 64 GB version. Yes it was pretty expensive, but I like using my phone to record videos of my kids and I hate having to delete things so there is enough space to make a good recording. Read On →

iOS 6

Well, I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 last night, and there is a lot to like. There is also a bunch of stuff that sucks. First the good: Larger Screen, Browser speed, and Facebook Integration Next, the bad: skeuomorphic design elements. This isn’t new. Game center looks like it was programmed by someone with a green felt love affair. Apple, please stop this nonsense. Scott Forstall, if you are the one responsible for these design elements (as rumored), for the love of god or dog or whatever, please stop it. Read On →

OS X 10.8.2

It finally feels like a fully baked product. In my earlier review of the awkwardly named MacBook Pro with Retina Display (henceforth MBPr) I noted that while the product was impressive on many levels (display, thinness, battery life, speed), it failed to feel like a fully developed product. There were still some rough edges. Not even all of Apple’s own software fully supported the new HiDPI display, let alone 3rd party software. Read On →

Comcast Customer No-Service

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that Comcast customer service is the worst ever. At this point I am not even sure if I have ordered TV service or not. The chat agent disconnected, and then I was preseneted with a SQL error. Nice Comcast, nice. It must be good to be a monopoly!

Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Revealed | ESA/Hubble

Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Revealed | ESA/Hubble – This is completely worth checking out.