Configuration Management – Drupal

Bring the Pain… The area of most frustration for me with Drupal is the configuration management system, or rather the complete lack of any configuration management system that works with version control software. It’s really a shame that this one area drags down the entire experience, because so many of Drupal’s components are light years ahead of what other systems have. Things Like: hook_anyThingYouWant(){ The Drupal hook system is really second to none, you can create anything you can imagine… But with great power comes great responsibility…} Theme System: Drupal’s theme system give you as much control over the output templates as the hook system give you over the application logic. Read On →

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure looks like Microsoft’s answer to the Amazon Cloud. I didn’t even know this existed until a potential customer asked me about it. I learned on ASP.NET back in the day in my college online systems class. I’m glad to see Microsoft is still building some cool products…


Symfony is a powerful framework for building web apps or really anything you can imagine. It looks really powerful, but tends to be more low level than what I usually do. I would like to get to know it better, and it would be useful to be able to use the best of breed php libraries rather than being limited to a set of modules specifically designed for a particular CMS. Read On →

A CMS without a database

editease is a CMS built complete in jQuery. This is interesting but I wonder what use case it is best for…

Markdown on Mobile?

Can I use Markdown from the WordPress mobile app?

Ahhh… Markdown!

I have only recently discovered markdown, but I love it! I am using this plug-in: WP-Markdown Here is some php code: <?php echo "Hello World"; ?> I am using the built-in Prettify library from Google that comes with WP-Markdown. I wonder if it will work on my phone…? **EDIT**** So I (re)discovered a little but in this implementation of markdown. When you insert an image, the markdown and the shortcode interact in a back way which will break your image links… Read On →

Facebook eMail Fail

So I was trying to add my wicked new email, root AT joshaust DOT in, to my facebook account, and unless I am totally reading this wrong Facebook hates “.in” TLDs…

Drupal&#8217;s Page Template System

Is it heresy to write about Drupal on a WordPress blog? I don’t think it is… Anyway, since Drupal is my favorite FrameWork/CMS, and most of my web development/design posts will relate to building Drupal sites, I figured I’d dive right into one of the parts of Drupal that I understand the least: the Template system. I’m the first to admit that I am more comfortable writing php code or SQL queries than I am designing user interfaces, but they are a¬†necessary¬†evil I guess… (the users I mean). Read On →

Migrating from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3

migrating-drupal-6-to-wordpress-3 I’m going to have to take a look at this program more carefully. It looks like it will bring the content over just fine, but I am missing how it will migrate the users. I have a site for a neighborhood HOA that is looking for more features that I can provide easily in Drupal. The main one being good email integration in groups. I’ll be trying out BuddyPress to see if it’s easier (and better looking) to build the site with that. Read On →

A post from my iPhone

I really just wanted to see if all this would even work. also check out my awesome calculator watch…