Boring is Best

I really like this blog post by Matt Jaynes about building solid business on proven technologies: I struggle with this myself, the desire to use the latest and greatest tech in our systems at, but fortunately I have some really smart people around that help me realize when that’s not the best idea for the business.

It Requires Super Human Discipline to Write Readable Code in Callbacks

Callbacks can be messy, as Guido Van Rossum said in his recent asyncio talk (@ 56:27 in the YouTube video): “It requires super human discipline to write readable code in callbacks and if you don’t believe me look at any piece of JavaScript code.” ~ Guido Van Rossum Fortunately you don’t have to write callbacks if you don’t want to. You need only look to Tornado and Motor Read On →

Markdown 2 HTML Helper

Sometimes I think I love markdown to much. Here is a handlebars helper for loading markdown files with AJAX and rendering them as HTML in the browser.

How-To Setup DNSMadeEasy Dynamic DNS on a Synology

I had a lot of trouble finding any help to get Dynamic DNS (DDNS) set up between a Synology NAS (a great product!) and DDNS service so I thought I would post the solution that I worked out in case anyone else was looking. 1. Set up your DDNS domain on The wrinkle that throws in the mix is that instead of the domain being updated, they use a unique ID number that’s generated when you save a record with the “Dynamic DNS” box checked. Read On →

Netflix Parental Controls Worked!

I just needed to adjust my Netflix parental controls to watch the new show “Orange is the New Black” and I was dreading it because usually there is some message that says it may take up to eight hours to actually update.  This is usually the worst, but this time there was no warning about it taking 8 hours to update, and just 30 seconds after updating the settings on the computer I was able to watch the show! Read On →

Startup makes Step-by-Step Guides Easy

I find my self making these in email form all the time to send to people (family/friends/customers) about how to do things on the internet. It’s always been the easiest way that I knew of. Now there is a new start up aiming to solve the problem: Their app is super simple and makes it easy to quickly create step-by-step instruction guides to share. I love it, and I can see myself using this a lot. Read On →

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Updated

New vs. Original Fronts It seems that Lifeproof has updated their iconic case for the iPhone 5 to address some shortcomings with the original case design. As you can see from the comments in my original post, there were plenty of issues with the case when it was first introduced. In this comment, John complains that the screen cover does not sit flush with the display. I think that this may have been the root cause of most of the issues with the original design. Read On →

My MacBook Pro Retina is Complete

I just had my display replaced on my MacBook Pro Retina and I am blown away again! I got my computer about a year ago when the Retina display was first introduced, and unfortunately I got one of the models with an LG panel that suffered from “image retention” issues. At first it didn’t seem that bad, but lately it was getting worse so I took it in to be replaced expecting a hassel but was pleasantly surprised when the good folks at the genius bar said “ok” and ordered me a new display. Read On →

Skype Support: Where is it?

It seems like Microsoft does not want you to be able to contact Skype support via email or chat, if you are using an iPad. This is the unfortunate position I find myself in today due to my computer being in the shop for service. As I do not have a spare laptop, I attempted to do some of my more tedious “office work” while I wait for my laptop. Read On →

Managing Smart People

All or Nothing Smart people present both a challenge and an opportunity. They can produce amazing results in short periods of time, defying all reasonable expectations and delivering unbelievable quality. They can also be cantankerous and ornery, refusing to show up on time, slow to get down to business, and in the most extreme cases they will resort to sabotage. So how do you get the best, and avoid the worst? Read On →