hugo blog issues

The conversion to a Hugo based blog from a Wordpress based blog went pretty smoothly, but there were a few issues that came up during the conversion. I was able to work through some of the issues, but some are still pending. Export From Wordpress The first issue I encountered was that the plugin to export a Wordpress blog to Hugo wasn’t very easy to use. The Hugo documentation suggested that an easier path would be to use the Jekyll-Exporter plugin and then import using the built-in “Import from Jekyll” command in Hugo. Read On →

new blog

I’m updating my blog to run as a “static” website using the static site generator Hugo instead of WordPress like I’ve used in the past. There are several reasons for this, but largely it’s that maintaining an active site is kind of a pain and I’ve got plenty of other stuff to do. In order to get this off the ground, I’m using the Hugo Quick Start Guide. I’m going to try and just follow the instructions they provide and we’ll see how easy it is to move from an old WordPress site to a new Hugo site. Read On →

Dell m3800 Developer Edition

A developer has different priorities than a general user when selecting a laptop, especially for work. Right now IMHO the most exiting option is the Dell m3800 in developer edition trim. Here is a picture of my new m3800 in developer edition trim at the coffee shop! For the last several years I’ve had a MacBook Pro as my primary workstation and like most recent Apple products, it is quite polished. Read On →

Setting up WiFi on Ubuntu 14.04 Server from the Terminal

I was setting up a server today and I didn’t have a wired ethernet drop available for it but I did have WiFi. So I decided to just setup WiFi for today and get it plugged into the network on Monday. I mean how hard could it be to set up wifi right? I started with this article on the Ubuntu community help portal: I have to admit this got me most of the way, but for my machine there was a crucial piece of configuration missing. Read On →

Convert Numbers from Base 16 to Base 64 in Python

The Problem A web app that I built for a client uses tokens to keep track of user activity. We email URLs to users with links that have these tokens in the query string. They look like this: The problem is that older versions of Outlook wrap long URLs like this to a new line, but don’t include any of the characters on the 2nd line in the hyperlink. Read On →

Lifeproof iPhone 5s Nüüd Case Review

I held off on purchasing another Lifeproof case because of some of the issues I had with my previous Lifeproof case. You can read about my experience with that case in my Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Review. I decided to take the plunge with a the Nüüd case because it removes the barrier between my finger and the touch screen. Lifeproof Nüüd Case The Nüüd case comes with an assortment of things in the box, including a block of plastic shaped like an iPhone so you can leak test the case without putting your phone in it first. Read On →


My favorite thing in my office is my very fancy chair. It’s an Embody Chair from Herman Miller. Yes that means that many interns could be equipped with perfectly serviceable chairs for what a single Embody chair costs. But now, after nearly six months of writing code while sitting in one I can confidently say that this chair has nearly ruined my ability to sit in any other chair. Read On →

Chromebook to Ubuntubook with help from

I came across Tom Preston-Werner’s blog post about installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook the other day while reading Hacker News and since I happen to have an Acer C720and some kids who might enjoy it, I took the plunge and used Codestarter‘s installation scripts to install Ubuntu on my Chromebook. I had thought of installing linux on the chromebook before reading Preseton-Werner’s blog post, but I didn’t take the plunge before because… Read On →

I don’t mind iterating

One of the things I like best about running a start-up business is that I am often given the opportunity to iterate. By that, I mean I often screw something up so badly that I am forced to change how I do it in order to get the result I was looking for. I don’t mind it. I don’t mind making changes. I’ll change if I need to in order to win. Read On →

Can You Deal With That Much Frustration?

I have an experience that always surprises me is when someone sits down with me to watch me write some code. Most of the time the person will turn to me after a few minutes and say something to the effect of, I can’t believe that you sit here all day just Googling how to do things on the Internet. I thought you were actually like really smart or something. Read On →