iOS 6

Well, I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 last night, and there is a lot to like. There is also a bunch of stuff that sucks.

First the good: Larger Screen, Browser speed, and Facebook Integration

Next, the bad: skeuomorphic design elements. This isn’t new. Game center looks like it was programmed by someone with a green felt love affair. Apple, please stop this nonsense. Scott Forstall, if you are the one responsible for these design elements (as rumored), for the love of god or dog or whatever, please stop it. If you are unsure what to do, please just ask Jony Ive!

Last, the Ugly: Maps, maps, and maps. FYI Apple, maps with inaccurate and sparse information about points of interest do not make for happy users. If this was going to be a BETA, users should have been given a choice while you ramped it up. I get that you really wanted to switch to vector based maps, and the cell carriers probably wanted this too, but the update had rendered the app almost useless for searching for nearby businesses.

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