iPhone 5

I picked up my new iPhone 5 this morning at my local Verizon store, complete with Otter Box protective case.

iPhone 5 in Otter Box

You can’t tell, since it’s in the case, but I have the black 64 GB version. Yes it was pretty expensive, but I like using my phone to record videos of my kids and I hate having to delete things so there is enough space to make a good recording.

I was an AT&T customer before, but the main reason that I am upgrading my phone is to get the LTE network. Verizon is simply way ahead of AT&T on the LTE roll out so it doesn’t really make sense in my mind to get the iPhone 5 on another network. It’s just not the same.

Also, AT&T’s coverage here in ATL has never been great, but it has been OK. Lately it seems like I am finding more buildings that the signal doesn’t penetrate at all. I still have a blackberry (ick) provided by my employer that runs on AT&T’s network so I should be able to do some comparisons.

Here is a screenshot of my first Speedtest.net run, while on I-85 on the north east side of town. Needless to say, this is a lot faster than 3G.

Verizon iPhone 5 LTE Speedtest.net

More to come as I get usage impressions…

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