Skype Support: Where is it?

It seems like Microsoft does not want you to be able to contact Skype support via email or chat, if you are using an iPad. This is the unfortunate position I find myself in today due to my computer being in the shop for service. As I do not have a spare laptop, I attempted to do some of my more tedious “office work” while I wait for my laptop.

After several unauthorized charges came through on my card I realized someone was using my Skype account to send text messages to Portugal. I tried to contact Skype support, but no email address was listed, nor was any phone number. The links for “more support” simply form a loop that sends the user around in circles.

I tried to start a chat, but whatever chat client Skype is using for in browser support does not work on mobile safari. I finally had to resort to using the email address for customers that do not have Skype accounts and just hope that someone reads it (yeah right).

It’s frustrating to find myself relegated to second class support simply by using the single most popular mobile browser in the world. Boo.

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