Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Updated

New vs. Original Fronts

new vs original front

It seems that Lifeproof has updated their iconic case for the iPhone 5 to address some shortcomings with the original case design. As you can see from the comments in my original post, there were plenty of issues with the case when it was first introduced.

As you can see from the photo above, and from the close-ups of the inside of the front sections of the case, Lifeproof has removed a lot of material from the ear piece area of the case. With this new version of the case on my phone, most of my complaints have been addressed. I no longer hear that buzzing in the earpiece and my proximity sensor seems to work again.

New Front – Close Up

new front

Original Front – Close Up

old front

It does not seem like much has been changed with the rear section of the case. Maybe your eyes can spot some subtle differences but I was hard pressed to find any.

New vs. Original Rears

new vs original back

I do need to add then when I finally got around to requesting a replacement case due to my frustration with the proximity sensor, Lifeproof could not have made it any easier. I simply emailed them my address and the serial numbers from the front and read of the old case. They shipped me a brand new case and a few days later I had it in my hands.

Some of you may have had a different experience, or have something else to add to the discussion. Please comment on your experiences with this Lifeproof case.

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