Maybe we should farm with spoons

I actually read this ridiculous article on Salon a few days ago, but seeing it again tonight on one of my feeds got me spun up again. The problem with the logic this guy is using is that taken to its logical conclusion, any technology that automates dull, repetitive tasks is bad.

I guess he thinks we should be farming with spoons instead of tractors. Those tractors sure put a lot of people out of work.

A more useful discussion would be how society can do a better job of making sure its members are equipped to contribute something of value. This is the same reasoning behind the idea of public schools. Educated citizens are better able to contribute to society than ignorant ones.

This is no different and we need to do a better job of training people for meaningful work. Society will always be changing and sometimes that change is disruptive, but lets try to forget about farming with spoons.

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