Raspberry Pi – Pi Plate **Updated**

Updated on 11/11/12

So after using these for a few months we decided not make them our primary Pi cases. The reality is that if you keep the lid off all the time you are OK, but there is not really enough room inside these to make all the connections you need to make.

For someone that just wants a stand for the Pi to sit on while they work, and leave the board exposed to the air, these are probably great. But if you primarily want a case to enclose the Pi, you should probably look elsewhere.

I could never got the lid to go on with a USB or HDMI cable plugged in. You would have to buy special “L” cables, or adapters which are hard to find.

Original Post

So, as you have seen from my other posts I’ve ordered a Raspberry Pi computer for one of my kids, but last night when we talked about it at dinner, my other kid (4 years old) was so sad that I had not ordered a Raspberry Pi for her, that when my Allied “notification-to-order” email came today I clicked on it intending just to order another Raspberry Pi.

As it turned out, Allied has a lot more accessories for the little computers than Element 14 did.  The one that caught my eye most was the “Pi Plate”.  It is a cool looking round case with a twist off lid for the Raspberry Pi.  I was wondering what I might do about the case aspect, but now I have a good solution.  So in addition to ordering another Raspberry Pi, I also ordered two “Pi Plate” enclosures.

Check out the info page about the Pi Plate at Allied.

Pi Plate

Pi Plate

The “Pi Plate is manufactured by Bud Industries.  It’s not a company that I’ve heard of or bought products from before, but it looks like they have a cool product on their hands here.  If you want to see the company’s info page about the Pi Plate and it’s sister case the Pi Sandwich you can check them out here.  Here is how BudInd describes the two enclosures:

The PI Plate


The PI Sandwich

I’m looking forward to trying out the “Pi Plates” with my kids on their Raspberry Pi computers. I’m also planning some first programming projects for them to do. Any suggestions?

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