Updated thoughts on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display

So, the best thing about the MacBook Pro with Retina Display (MBPr) is also the worst thing, and that’s the screen. Let me start off by saying I love, love, LOVE, looking at the new screen. It is the best display I have ever owned, but the rest of the world hasn’t caught up to where Apple is on this one yet.

Text looks great! And, my command interpreter (I use iTerm2, sorry Apple but Terminal just does’t cut it) looks the best it ever has.  VIM is to die for on the Retina Display!  Behold VIM in 2498 × 2084 Glory!



My eye site is still pretty good and I have my screen set to the “1920×1200″ mode.  Having all the extra space feels great compared to my old 15” MBP.  There are somethings that I really miss though.  My preferred browser is Chrome, and not having it for a while has been not so great.  I know they are working on it, but I’m not used to having to wait for things like browsers.

Also, I’m a big fan of Apple’s iWork software, especially Keynote which I use for all sorts of things from making buttons and simple graphics for web projects to all of my presentations.  Keynote is simply better than PowerPoint and I want it to look as good on my new display as it should.  That’s it for now.  More to come later…

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