Comment Spammers in Georgia Tech MBA classes

There is a lively discussion going on in the Georgia Tech Evening MBA group on Facebook at the moment about comment spammers in MBA classes.  Students were venting their frustration about having to sit through unproductive comments, or comments that seem unrelated to the subject matter.  Since Tech students do have some manners people don’t just yell “SHUT THE F**K UP” in class, even though sometimes they would like to.

So how can we provide a way for students to anonymously communicate to their professor (and maybe their classmates too) that it’s time to stop beating the dead horse and move on to the next comment or topic.  Reddit has a simple UP/DOWN voting system that they use to keep their community free from spammers.  A similar functionality could be provided for GT students via a smartphone app.

If enough people want this I’ll build it and offer it for use next week.

[cardoza_wp_poll id=1]

Once you vote send this to your classmates to see what they think.

You can also leave comments below if you want. If there is any interest in this, I’ll start to post updates and screenshots as I build it.

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