hugo blog issues

The conversion to a Hugo based blog from a Wordpress based blog went pretty smoothly, but there were a few issues that came up during the conversion. I was able to work through some of the issues, but some are still pending.

Export From Wordpress

The first issue I encountered was that the plugin to export a Wordpress blog to Hugo wasn’t very easy to use. The Hugo documentation suggested that an easier path would be to use the Jekyll-Exporter plugin and then import using the built-in “Import from Jekyll” command in Hugo. Fortunately this worked really well. All of my pictures were imported to the appropriate Hugo static path and all the links seemed to work great.

I’m not 100% certain but I think I would need to install the “Export to Hugo” plugin from the terminal by copying its files directly into the correct Wordpress directory location. The plugin readme also recommends running the export from the terminal and for some folks that might be a bridge too far. As a comparison I was able to install the Jekyll-Exporter plugin from inside the Wordpress admin interface and run it from there. It seems like this is an easier approach and I would recommend it over using the “Export to Hugo” plugin for most people.

I consider this issue solved since the Jekyll-Exporter plugin worked so well.

CSS Issues

The next issue I noticed was some of my links and images were running off the page and causing horizontal scroll bars. I don’t remember if I had to tweak the CSS on the Wordpress site to get the look I wanted or if it looked that way by default.

This issue is still pending and I suspect I’ll have to add a few tweaks to my CSS to get the correct look for the new site.

Mobile Workflow

One of the great things about the Wordpress ecosystem is that there are a bunch of options for writing posts and managing the site from a mobile device. I need to figure out some sort of workflow so I can compose/edit and publish from my mobile device.

One issue that has been pretty easy to sort out is a mobile Markdown editor. I’m writing this on the 1Writer app which has been excellent so far. I’m not sure how to handle the TOML front-matter Hugo needs but I think I may be able to write a script to generate it.

I’m storing my Hugo source folder on Dropbox so accessing my content folder is super easy and any documents I compose or edit will be synced back to my Linux workstation when I save them. Right now I’m thinking I’ll SSH into my workstation and run hugo then rsync to update the site on the Digital Ocean droplet where it’s hosted.

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