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I’m updating my blog to run as a “static” website using the static site generator Hugo instead of WordPress like I’ve used in the past. There are several reasons for this, but largely it’s that maintaining an active site is kind of a pain and I’ve got plenty of other stuff to do.

In order to get this off the ground, I’m using the Hugo Quick Start Guide. I’m going to try and just follow the instructions they provide and we’ll see how easy it is to move from an old WordPress site to a new Hugo site.

After getting the content moved over I’ll need to worry about comments. I don’t see a good way to import existing comments but I figure I can make this transition once and use some sort of “comments-as-a-service” service to deal with the issue of commenting going forward. But if I can’t get that to work in a way that makes me happy I won’t worry about it. The comments were mostly spam anyway.


When choosing a theme I had a bit of trouble figuring out which of the available themes was well maintained and had responsive templates. I ended up just cloning the entire theme repository and using ack to track down some themes with keywords that I was looking for. I ended up using hyde-x which seems like a reasonably well maintained clone of the classic hyde theme for Jekyll.

Embedded Code

Just a quick test of what embedded Elixir source code might look like:

@spec new([redis_pool_option]) :: {:ok, pool} | {:error, reason}
def new(opts) when is_list(opts) do
  worker_opts = [
    id: :erlang.make_ref()
  child_spec = worker(ExRedisPool.RedisPool, [opts], worker_opts)
  {:ok, pid} = Supervisor.start_child(ExRedisPool.Supervisor, child_spec)

That is really not too bad.


I’m going to give this Wordpress-to-Hugo-Exporter mentioned on the Hugo Tools page a try to move my old posts from the WordPress site over to the new Hugo Site. We’ll see how it goes.

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